Why ‘Me’ Time Is Important for Happiness (Infographic)


    Feeling guilty every time you sit down to enjoy that latte, treat yourself to a nice massage, or turn your smart phone off just to shut the world out for a few minutes?
    Cheer up! Turns out you really need to have that “me” time in between your busy and demanding schedule.

    And it’s not just us who are saying so. Psychologists actually recommend that people get “me” time a.k.a. alone time in order to gain some really awesome benefits.

    Having some time to just be with yourself can actually help you:

    • Reboot your brain
    • Unwind and relax
    • Improve your concentration
    • Be more productive
    • Have space for self-discovery
    • Have time for deep thinking
    • Solve problems better
    • Enhance your relationship

    So how do you get to have more “me” time? Easy! This infographic from Happify.com shows us how:

    Me Time Infographic

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