Thinking of Changing Careers? Here Are 3 Things To Consider


    Thinking about a change in career? This is a thought that probably crosses the minds of many mid-career professionals for different reasons.

    For one, certain industries may see their prospects rise, while others start to fall. There are also people who come to the realisation that their skills or interests are not suited for their current industry and start looking for one that’s a better fit. And of course, there are those who give up the day job in pursuit of their life passion.

    No matter what your reasons are for considering a career change, there are some things that will remain true if you choose to go down this path. So before you do, here are 3 important things you should really contemplate about:

    1. You May Have to Reeducate Yourself or Get Additional Skills

    Moving from one industry to another doesn’t happen overnight. Sure, you may have transferable skills, but you may also need to undergo training to acquire new ones in order to be competitive in your new field.

    So how do you solve this career obstacle? You can start getting the skills you need now even before you make that industry shift. Through part-time courses, you can manage your studies while still keeping your current job.

    2. You Have to Ask Some Tough Questions

    Making a career change also means trying to know yourself better by asking these important questions:

    • Are you willing to accept a pay cut? When you change careers, a pay cut often comes with it. Why? Because you might be an expert in your previous work, but you’re not in the new one. If your current income bracket is vital to sustain your lifestyle, then a career change might not be the best move for you.
    • Are you humble enough to start from the bottom or be in a lower job position? When you have been on the top for quite some time, it can be humbling to be at the bottom of the food chain again. Working in a new industry in the middle of your career usually means setting aside your ego and taking orders from people much younger or less experienced than you.
    • How old is too old? This largely depends on the way you look at your life. Some people think it’s too late to change careers after 25, while some will do it until their retirement age. So if you feel age is just a number and you are willing to go through the challenge, then it’s time to make that move.
    • What problem are you trying to solve? Like we mentioned, there can be many reasons why people would want to shift their careers in the middle of their lives. What’s important is that before you take the plunge, you know exactly what you are trying to change or solve. Is it the poor pay? Is it your drive to follow your dreams? Is it for job security? Knowing the real reason why you are leaving your current career will give you a clearer path as you try to search for a new one.
    • What do you require from a job? If you want to change careers, you have to know what you want for the next one. Do you want a job that gives you more flexibility in terms of work schedule? Do you prefer a job that allows you to work independently with data rather than working with people?

    Here are more questions on how you can find the right career path.

    3. Be Prepared to Let Go of Your Old Ways

    Changing careers is no easy feat. You need to learn a lot of new skills and digest loads of information just to catch up with your colleagues. You also have to keep an open mind and respect others’ experiences, sometimes even admitting that they know more or better than you.

    There will be a lot of changes when you shift careers, so if you are willing to leave your old ways and embrace those changes, then you’re most certainly fit to make that career move now.


    With good planning and plenty of determination, a mid-life career change can work out to be a success story. And if you find work that you truly enjoy or if you’re able to do what you love, that change will always be an invigorating one.

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