Student Testimonials

Georgiana Lim

Kaplan’s Diploma in Commerce Graduate (2017)

“I realised that lessons learnt from subjects such as Statistics are very useful. It helped me a lot in developing critical thinking and analytical skills to look into sales trends and projection – something I need to do at work. The positive experience during my Diploma also gave me the confidence to take my academic journey further. I just started on my Bachelor’s in Business Studies awarded by University College Dublin with Kaplan.”

Dipak Pun

Kaplan’s Diploma in Commerce Graduate (2015)

“I enrolled for a Kaplan Diploma to upgrade my academic qualification. With the flexible study schedule, I do not have to compromise my work.

At Kaplan, the lecturers are approachable and have deep knowledge of the topics. I have learnt a lot and Kaplan has equipped me with the skills I need for a career in business.”

Hazel Bong

Kaplan’s Diploma in Business and Law Graduate (2017)

“Though the Diploma was completed in less than a year, it was no less rigorous. We went through extensive lessons and practical workshops. I also enjoyed the nuggets of stories that our lecturers shared on their industry experience.”

Jasmine Tay

Kaplan’s Diploma in Marketing Management Graduate (2015)

“I selected Kaplan as it is strategically located right at the heart of the city. Most importantly, I managed to get a job immediately after I completed my Diploma programme! This has assured me of Kaplan Diploma’s recognition in the job market. I’m now working as a Sales Executive with an MNC.”

Nur Fariza

Kaplan’s Diploma in Legal Studies Graduate (2017)

“I was doing my Diploma part-time while working. My health condition causes exhaustion easily and there were many times I strongly doubted my own ability. But my lecturers were very supportive. They taught with a personal touch and often availed themselves to help me better understand the lessons and assignments. Most lecturers are also experienced industry practitioners with relevant knowledge to share. I loved all the lessons so much that I always looked forward to class days.”