Just Stepping into the Workplace? Here are 6 Etiquette Rules You Need to Know


    Let’s say that you have been hired at your company of choice. You are very excited to hit the workplace but at the same time nervous that you might do something embarrassing during your first few days.

    Luckily, you are not alone. Here are six things you need to know before hitting it off with your new job: 

    1) Always attend office orientation or learn about procedures in the office

    Most offices usually give new employees an orientation on how things are done in their company. It could be as simple as how to answer the phone properly or to how to go about making inquiries through the company’s hierarchy.

    Take note of the office dress code. While some offices prefer that you wear standard business attire (coat and tie for men, and blouse with blazer and below-the-knee skirt for women), others allow casual chic fashion. 

    If there are no formal orientations, listen carefully to your bosses or supervisors as they explain the procedures at the office. This may include lunch breaks, how often you can get coffee from the dispenser, or if it’s okay to put up some personal effects like photographs in your work area.

    2) Observe punctuality

    Make sure that you always arrive at your workplace 20 to 30 minutes before work time. This will give you enough time to freshen up and grab a cup of coffee. It is not advised to arrive on the dot because it will not give your employer a good impression of you. This is especially true if you arrive panting for breath, sweaty and frazzled after going through your commute.

    3) Give your gadgets a rest

     Unless you use your cell phone or smart phone to keep in touch with clients, it is strongly advised that you turn your phone off or, better yet, keep it tucked away inside your desk. Employers frown upon their employees squirming while trying to hide their phones when they are texting someone.

    Do not make the mistake of using your office computer for matters outside of the work. While you may be punctual, employers don’t like to see their employees checking their social media accounts. Please take note that many security servers of companies actually log the sites you visit. So, if you check Facebook, Twitter, news, entertainment and games sites that are not related to your work, you might not only get a reprimand, you could get fired.

    4) Get along well with your bosses and co-workers

     On your first day, be polite and greet your bosses and co-workers. Inform them that you are happy to be with the company and that you are willing to give any assistance. In the succeeding days, make sure that you show your consideration by also taking into account their work schedules. If you are part of a group that has a big project in the works, make adjustments in the event that overtimes may be called for.


    5) Do not gossip

    Workplace gossip is commonplace virtually anywhere – if it’s about the boss or a coworker who did something embarrassing. While nothing is preventing you from listening to gossip, you must not make the mistake of spreading them. Gossip has the very bad effect of undermining trust in the workplace and may also lead to unnecessary disagreements squabbles, which could disrupt productivity.

    In addition, being a tattle-tale gives your bosses the impression that you are someone who cannot be trusted with confidential information. For this reason, you may not be forgiven potentially lucrative or important assignments that may cost you your recognition or promotion because you don’t know how to keep your mouth shut and might spill vital information that rival companies may take advantage of.

    6) Keep personal problems at home

    It is unavoidable that you may have problems or frustrations at home, whether it’s unpaid bills, a quarrel with the wife, or problem with the kids at school. Whatever you do, leave these problems behind so that you can focus and give your 100% at work and your bad mood at home and don’t bring them to work. Your negativitybad mood will affect your co-workers and will have a tremendous impact on overall productivity.

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