Identifying Your Ideal Workplace


    “What is your ideal working environment?” is one of the questions managers frequently ask in interviews, and is an essential factor in your career.

    This is because they want to determine if you will fit in with the corporate culture of the workplace. Not only do they want be assured of your productivity, they also want to be sure that you can work in harmony with your bosses and potential colleagues.

    If you are presently looking for a job, it is important that you perform an in-depth examination on what your ideal workplace is.

    Let us take a look at some of the factors that you need to consider:

    1) Your personality 

    Determine your personality: are you an extrovert who loves talking and dealing with people, and are particularly happy in a large social circle? Or are you an introvert who prefers to work alone in quiet offices with minimal distractions?

    Your personality type will enable you to determine which type of environment you will be most productive in. 

    2) The size of the company

    You have to consider if your work style is suited to a particular company size. If you prefer to work in a small but reliable group, then a small company would be the best choice. This also exposes you to other learning opportunities. On the other hand, if you prefer a company with a more formal structure and that you wish to learn more about the internal processes for the purpose of establishing your own company in the future, the better option is to get a job in a larger company.

    3) Company culture

     It is best to determine if you work best in a formal or informal environment. Formal workplaces rely primarily on rigid structures and processes. If you like predictability and reliability in accomplishing tasks, then formal environments are for you. However, if you prefer an environment where ideas and suggestions are free-flowing and seriously considered by management, then it’s best if you stay with an informal office environment.

    4) Compatibility in Mission and Vision

    When you apply for a job, you already possess certain values that you expect to be espoused in your choice of workplace. To ensure that your values, goals and aspirations are compatible with the company’s, make it a point to learn about their mission and vision. For example, if you are a staunch supporter of environmental causes, you would prefer to work for a company that practices recycling.

    5) An Empathic Connection

     You should already feel some sort of empathic connection toward the workplace that you are planning to work for. For example, if the hiring manager is very helpful to you during the job application process, you can already see that the company values the people that they are hiring. You may want to think twice if hiring personnel are just as quickly to pass you over for another applicant or if they don’t reply to any of your inquiries at all.

    6) Weighing your work-life balance

    For most people, the ideal workplace has fixed hours, usually between 9am and 5pm. If you have a family, this work arrangement would be the best for you. However, if there are specific hours wherein you are most productive, you might choose a schedule that takes into account your productivity. This is especially true for call centre agents and night shift employees who find the quiet hours of the evening and early morning to be the times when they work best.

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