How To Turn Your Internship Into A Full-Time Job


    Internship  is every university student’s ticket to gaining valuable work experience in his or her chosen field. Aside from being a university requirement, internship helps you gain new skills and expand your network of professional relationships. It also opens the door to more job opportunities and thus, widen one’s horizon of career possibilities.

    More than any qualification in your resume, it is one’s work experience that employers value the most.

    The most ideal path to getting work experience is through an internship in a company.

    Read on and learn how to leverage on your internship and land a full-time job.

    1. Establish Your Personal Goals

    To make the most out of your internship, define the goals you wish to achieve during the programme. Write down short-term and long-term goals and share them with your manager and team members.

    Among one’s career goals could be to land a permanent job in a firm. And the first step towards realising that is to inform your immediate superior about your intention. Then, ask him or her to periodically review your performance.

    Provide the hiring manager with feedback given by your peers. Seek advice on how to prepare for the position and inquire about the application process.

    1. Learn More About The Company And Where You Fit In

    It is good to have a holistic perspective about your employer’s business.

    Visit the company’s website and check your colleagues’ profiles online.

    Spend time and interact with co-workers from other departments. Meet with the HR manager to clarify any company policies or discuss office culture.

    Learn the company’s real pain points and issues. Get to know what solutions the company is looking for. Find out where you can come in and provide value to the firm.

    1. Align With Your Immediate Superior

    Always check-in with your immediate superior. Clarify directions and seek regular feedback.

    If regular meetings aren’t possible, send your manager a summary of your completed and ongoing tasks at the beginning or end of each week.

    If you realise that you cannot complete the assigned task within the given deadline, inform your superior immediately. This gives him or her enough time to work through any issues.

    Normally, a superior will evaluate an intern based on the quality of the work and the  passion that he or she demonstrates in the performance of assigned tasks.

    1. Network With Colleagues

    As you go about your daily tasks, make sure your co-workers sense your passion for the job and your desire to be part of the company.

    Join them in coffee breaks, lunch outs or Friday night gigs. Listen to your co-workers’ insights about the firm. Get familiar with everyone’s role and how each interrelates with the other.

    Use these occasions to seek advice from them on how you can land a full-time position in the company.

    1. Take The Initiative

    Go the extra mile: offer to assist others in their duties, accept more responsibilities, seek learning opportunities or suggest ideas.

    For instance, after completing a task or project, seek feedback from the client as to how satisfied he or she was on the service rendered. Take note of the client’s  recommendations and communicate these to your team.

    You may also request for job shadowing so you can learn the tasks, duties and responsibilities of a job position that you find appealing.

    1. Find Someone Who Can Vouch For Your Skills, Work Ethic And Attitude

    Seek opportunities to work with others such as being part of a special projects team or an inter-unit ad hoc committee. It will give you the opportunity to create new relationships with co-workers who can testify to your admirable qualities like, for instance, your integrity, your practical soft skills like your time management techniques or your ability to multitask.

    Use these feedback when convincing the hiring manager why you are qualified for the job vacancy.

    1. Make A Lasting Impression On Your Superior And Co-Workers

    Take note of your co-workers comments about you.

    What is the one thing that they all say about you? How did your skill or trait significantly impact the workflow of your group or unit? How did your resourcefulness make a difference in a moment of setback?

    These are some questions worth asking yourself if  you want to leave an ‘indelible’ mark on the employer.

    An internship is a critical aspect of learning as one completes his or her university degree. It is also the first step into the real world of professional life where one’s knowledge and skills will be applied in actual  workplace situations.

    During the internship programme, students gain new insights, skills and experiences. It may also open doors for them for a possible full-time employment with the company.

    By applying these seven practical tips, one can boost one’s chances of landing a full-time job after the internship. And it all begins by clearly defining one’s personal goals and career plans.

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