How To Meditate At Work (Infographic)


    Stress is a given no matter your industry and profession, but this doesn’t mean that we should take it for granted. One way to effectively manage stress at the workplace is by doing short meditations and this infographic from CashNetUSA will show you just how to nail it.

    Just 15 minutes of practicing these meditation techniques can do wonders on improving your productivity at work. These also help calm your mind, give your body a break from work routines, and most of all improve your overall mood.

    You don’t need to sit down on the floor cross-legged just to meditate.  These meditations can easily be done at your desk, in a small, quiet room, or even at your office pantry at any time of the day and when you feel you need to ‘de-stress’ from the pressures of your job.

    Check out the full infographic below:
    Me Time Infographic

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