Here’s How to Craft a Winning CV


    Did you know that recruiters spend only an average of 6 seconds reading a CV? So how do you make yours last longer?

    The answer: it’s all in the presentation!

    Your CV’s appearance and what info you decide to include in it will ultimately convince employers if they’ll either continue reading or toss it aside.

    So how do you create your CV? Should you write all your previous work experiences? What if you don’t have any? Are you supposed to hide employment gaps and what font is best to use for easy readability?

    We’ve scoured the interwebs and found this ridiculously easy-to-follow guide from the good folks at StandOut CV. Use this cool informative yet concise infographic to answer all your questions about writing a CV.

    11 CV questions

    Ready to start writing and give your CV a makeover?

    Before you do, why not quickly check our previous post about the 5 Things Employers Are Looking For On Your CV.

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