Get Your Week Off To A Good Start. Here Are 5 Ways To Make Mondays Better.


    For some of us, Monday always seems to come around too fast. Just, when we’re starting to get comfortable with our weekend and personal time, Sunday evening arrives, and we realise we have to be at work again in a few hours.

    There can be many reasons why we cringe at the thought of Monday coming around. For some, it’s facing up to mounds of tasks with tight deadlines. For others, it’s the feeling of boredom in a job that fails to engage them.

    Whatever the case is, it’s always better to start your week on a bright note. So with that in mind, here are 5 ways to make your Monday better:

    Start Your Monday on a Sunday

    You might be up in arms with this one, thinking that you’re cutting your weekend short. However, taking a few minutes of your Sunday and devoting that to preparing what you’ll need for Monday will greatly lessen the stress you’ll have to face.

    For example, if you need to prepare meals to bring to work or for your kids to bring to school, you can already do so on a Sunday night. You can also prep your dinner ahead by taking out frozen ingredients or slicing everything up so that all you need to do is cook them by the time you get home from Monday’s work.

    While you may want to relish every minute of your Sunday, your Monday will be so much more manageable if you prepare for what you need the night before.

    Have Two Alarm Clocks (and set them at an interval)

    Seriously, you need two alarm clocks set at different times (ideally 5 or 10 minutes apart) to make sure you wake up early on a Monday morning. Why? Starting late on a Monday can throw off your entire week and may bring you more stress.

    By giving yourself more time on a Monday morning, you are also better preparing yourself for surprises and last minute things that may pop up.

    Set Your Priorities for Monday

    The work left pending over the weekend can easily overwhelm us in the new work week. So in order not to get lost in the sea of tasks you have for Monday, remember to list them down based on level of priority.

    For example, have a work journal where you can write your “To-Do List” for the day. This will make it easier for you to keep tabs on what you need to focus on, finish it, and then move to your next task. So you might be asking by now where does multitasking come in. Well, Science says we’re better off without it. Check out our post on multitasking and why it’s bad for you.

    Pro Tip: Can’t seem to catch up with your work? Make your Mondays more organised with our SMART Goal Setting approach.

    Practice “Mindfulness Monday” (it’s also great for the rest of the week!)

    Once you get rolling on a Monday morning, don’t forget to take a few moments to practice mindfulness. Like we mentioned, it’s so easy to get sucked into the high levels of stress and jam-packed schedule during this day, making us feel even more drained when the day is over.

    So, to not let Monday get the better of you, remember to pause for mini-breaks throughout your workday. Staying at your desk and being at a comfortable posture will work out just fine. Also, having your eyes closed while at your desk may appear a bit strange at the workplace, so you can also try going to a quiet area in your office for your mini-breaks or try going for a slow walk for a few minutes. This is also a useful tip to manage stress for the rest of the days in the week.

    Take It Easy On a Monday

    This is where all the tips we’ve been giving so far fall into place. If you plan for your Monday, you wake-up and get to work early, and set your priorities for the day, then you can more effectively ease up to your Monday workload without stress.

    Taking it easy means not hitting and burying yourself at your office desk first thing in the morning when the work week had barely begun. Mondays would be so much more positive for us if we use the early part of it to reconnect with our colleagues and pace ourselves into work mode.

    How about you? What are you doing to start your Monday right?

    Share with us your ideas in the comments below!

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