How to Get a Raise Without Asking


    Who wouldn’t want a raise, right? However, not every one has the courage to ask for it. So, what we all usually do is to just wait for our annual review or employee evaluation and see if our performance will impress the salary gods and be enough to grant us that much awaited pay raise.

    On the other hand, for those who cannot passively wait for what fate brings them, they will go as far as applying for a new job and then using that as their leverage for asking for more money from their current employer.

    You don’t have to leave a job you like just to get more pay. Here are ways you can get a raise without even asking:

    Make Your Boss Look Good

    Stepping on someone’s toes won’t win you any allies. If you’re trying to advance in terms of money and position by yourself, you’ll be in for a fight. But if you support others and contribute to the achievements of your team or department, you’ll make your boss look like an excellent leader. If he or she gets noticed for the work, then more often than not, you’ll also be among those who will benefit. When it’s time to give promotions, you’ll be first on the list.

    Become an Expert

    Boost your value to the company by becoming their go-to person for a specific problem and not everyone’s solution to everything. Ever thought about microspecialisation?

    Microspecialisation means becoming an expert on a very specialised topic within your job or skill set instead of trying to be a jack-of-all trades. The more specialised you are, the less competition and the more money you can demand from your company.

    Also, there are many companies who are on the hunt for highly specialised employees who can take on bigger responsibilities for their projects. Because of this, specialised employees are on high demand and they are offered higher pay with other incentives and remunerations. Just check out this report on Singapore’s 2016 salary guide.

    How do you become an expert? You have to upgrade your current skills or study new ones that will give you that ability or know-how to become an expert in a specific niche. Here are a few more reasons why you need a skills upgrade today.

    Fortunately, the Singaporean Government now has SkillsFuture to help out those people who want to push their skills and careers further. There are many customised courses and trainings under this programme and no matter what stage you are at professionally, you can get the upgrade you need in order to do your job or perform your skills to a higher level. Learn more about some of the part-time courses you can take now.

    Performance (show quality, not quantity)

    You might be thinking that working overtime will prove your dedication to the company and eventually equal to a pay hike. But this can actually backfire.

    Like we mentioned on our previous post: 5 Myths That Are Holding You Back From Success In The Workplace, staying after office hours might seem that you are doing so to catch up with everyone else’s work and give the impression that you’re a slacker.

    So how do you improve your performance without extending your hours? For one, do not multitask. Studies have shown that our brain is not able to retain information when faced with several tasks all at once and all requiring considerable focus. Instead, concentrate on doing and finishing one task properly so you can produce high quality work.

    Want more tips on increasing your productivity and achieving your goals? Use SMART Goal setting now.

    Get Noticed

    It’s not enough to give it your best at what you do. You also need to be noticed by the right people who can give you that raise.

    So how do you do that? One of the best ways is by doing work outside of your job description. For example, try getting assigned to a high profile assignment where you think you can contribute your skills and know-how and really have an opportunity to shine. Another way is to volunteer for tasks that will get you noticed such as becoming the company spokesperson or participating in industry awards.

    When you do activities outside your usual tasks, you can make your presence felt within the company and naturally find advocates—people who will speak of your good work ethics and achievements to decision makers of the company. These advocates can be your supervisor, team members, or customers who give you positive feedback about your service.

    Finally, don’t forget to work on establishing your credibility online because this is how you can get more people in your industry to notice you. You can do this by creating a professional LinkedIn profile and sharing useful info in LinkedIn Groups.

    Pro Tip: Check out our LinkedIn Ultimate Cheat Sheet for creating that perfect profile today.

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