9 Surefire Ways to Have Effective Meetings (Infographic)


    Meetings make sure employees and team members collaborate on projects or complete a challenging task efficiently. However, if you feel they have started to fill up your schedule and have become a waste of time, then you may not be planning your meetings efficiently.

    As Wrike.com explains, unproductive meetings cost companies not just wasted money and time, but also drain an organisation’s ‘executive resources’.

    So do you make sure you get the results you want in every meeting? The infographic highlights these tips:

    • Set your agenda in advance: Make sure everyone is aware of what the meeting is for before it begins.
    • Assign a Meeting Head: If you feel someone else is more apt to head the meeting, make sure he or she knows the task in advance.
    • Turnoff electronic gadgets during meetings to avoid distractions: As much as electronic gadgets can aid meetings, make sure to turn them off so they don’t distract you.
    • Keep meetings between 4-7 people: Keep meetings between a short and concise number of people, if possible. A large group creates a good atmosphere for sleeping, especially if not everyone is actively involved.
    • Keep people on their toes with irregular meeting times (i.e. set a meeting at 9:44 a.m.): People are not used to new stuff, which is why unconventional meeting practices can keep them expecting for the unexpected.
    • Update via e-mail; not through another meeting: Make sure you meet for things that actually matter. You can always update everyone with an e-mail.
    • Meet at locations outside the office: Try using unfamiliar locations as meeting place to generate an aura of formality.
    • Keep meetings as short as possible: Try to make meetings short and concise, so everyone is on their toes.
    • Use the last 10 minutes to recap what you have talked about: Meetings that are about a wide range of topics tend to leave short term memory. Recap about the meat of the discussions near the end so everyone remembers the important points of discussion.

    Get more details on these tips in the infographic below:

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