6 Ways Mummies Can Balance Work & Family


    For many modern mummies, trying to balance work and family can be a challenging task. This is especially so for those just returning to work after giving birth. To help working mothers everywhere find that right balance between a happy family life and fulfilling career, here are 6 useful tips to take note of.

    1) Let Go of New Mummy Guilt

    Mummies returning to work after a baby often experience the pangs of ‘new mummy guilt’. Their thoughts constantly turn to their little ones and they feel guilty about not being with them.

    For mothers who are feeling this way, it’s important to just let go of it. The fact is that modern women shouldn’t have to feel guilty about wanting to have a career for themselves.

    Consider this: being at work (and having a second source of income) will go a long way in helping provide for a better life for the family. Keep this in mind each time those ‘guilty’ thoughts surface.

    2) Find Good Childcare 

    Finding a good childcare provider is absolutely critical in providing you with the peace of mind you need to focus in the workplace. Generally, getting family members (such as grandparents) to help take care of the little ones, is the best option.

    If this is not available, consider engaging a domestic helper to look after the kids. Just be sure to ask if the candidate you’re looking at has some experience caring for a child.

    Looking forward, the Singapore Government is also continuing to expand childcare capacity in Singapore, particularly in housing estates with more young children. Earlier this year, the Ministry for Social and Family Development (MSF) announced that they are looking to have one childcare place for every two children by 2017.

    3) Seek Out Flexi-Work Arrangements

    According to the 2016 Hays Asia Salary Guide, work life balance is the top retention factor (60 per cent) for employees in Singapore. Amidst a tight manpower market, employers are increasingly cognizant of the need to offer flexi-work arrangements to better retain talent.

    What’s more, a happy staff member is also more likely to be a productive one too.

    Working mummies should try to have open communications with their management, to outline possible flexi work arrangements that are a win-win for all. To avoid misunderstandings cropping up further down the road, it is important for both parties to clearly state their expectations upfront.

    4) Organize and Prioritize Every Part Of Your Life 

    Each and every one of us has the same number of hours per day to get things done. So why is it that some people can be so much more productive despite their busy schedules?  Well, one secret is that they practice good planning and organization in their lives (and so should you).

    You can start by planning out the week ahead, and what are the important things you need to do. Closely evaluate this schedule and decide for yourself how you can best tackle your work more effectively and efficiently. Are there items on our list you aren’t sure you should do? If they’re not important, consider not touching them for a week. You may just find that certain tasks go away, when you leave them alone.

    With a bit of planning and prioritizing, one may find balancing work and family a little easier.

    5) Get Your Spouse To Pitch In And Help Out More 

    Most working couples understand the need for both parties to contribute equally to the management of the household and to looking after the kids.

    If your husband is taking it a little bit too easy sometimes, then it might be good to have a word with him and get his full cooperation. Share with him that his contribution is important to help you balance a career and family.  After all, behind every successful working mummy, is a partner that pitches in to help out at home and with the kids.

    6) Find Time For Yourself Amidst A Hectic Schedule 

    Being a working mother can be hectic and tiring. But amidst the constant hustle and bustle, it’s important to set aside some ‘me’ time in your schedule to relax, unwind and do something for yourself.

    It can be something simple such as enjoying a cup of coffee before the kids wake up, a jog around the block or soaking in a bubble bath. Little breaks from the pressures of work and family life keep you from snapping. And when mummy’s happy, everyone is happy 🙂

    Bonus Tip: Join A Support Group For Working Mummies 

    Being a working mummy can sometimes seem like a lonely journey, especially if your circle of friends isn’t doing the same at the moment.

    That doesn’t mean you need to wing it alone though. Why not try connecting with other working mummies through platforms such as online communities and Facebook groups? You can share your challenges with fellow working mums and support each other, while exchanging knowledge and insights.

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