5 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable in the Workplace 


    Job security has always been a concern for many employees. Since the job market has become as competitive as it is today, gone are the days where employees can expect long term employment.

    So in this type of corporate reality, how can you secure your job and be an indispensable employee?

    What is an indispensable employee?

    Being indispensable to the company means a significant part of its success, productivity and operations are dependent on unique and valuable skills and know-how. With that in mind, here are some things you can do achieve the status of being indispensable at work:

    Have a Specialisation

    Make yourself really valuable to your company by becoming your colleagues’ and managers’ go-to person when they need to have very important tasks done. Have a specialisation and be really good at it instead of being a jack-of-all-trades. This will give you more name recall from people in the company and they would know that without you, certain tasks at the office would be harder to accomplish.

    Our post on How to Get a Raise Without Asking will give you more information about why specialising in a certain skill or becoming an expert could be beneficial to your career. You can actually go one step further and pursue microspecialisation, where you identify what other areas in your job scope need more specialised skills then go ahead and pick up those skills.

    Don’t Stop Learning

    You should always keep yourself relevant to the job market by making sure you continuously learn new skills and upgrade. Think of learning as adapting to change. Those who cannot adapt, don’t thrive, and end up falling behind in the competitive job market.

    Learning and adding new skills and know-how also go hand-in-hand with having a specilisation in your work. In order to master a certain area—whether it is in I.T., Business, Communication, or any other field—you really have to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date as well.

    Fortunately, there are many part-time courses you can take in Business and Management, Information Technology, Communication and other exciting fields, which can start you on your path to a more secure job at your company or industry.

    Know Yourself

    How does knowing yourself play an important role in becoming indispensable at your company? If you know yourself and understand what you want for your career; what your strengths and weaknesses are; and what types of tasks or projects interest you, then it would be easier for you to plot out your career path and identify the skills-gap that you will need to develop further.

    Also, when you enjoy doing the work, you become more productive and connected to your colleagues. Having this good vibe around your career also helps in building good internal relationships with people at the office, therefore also helping secure your place in the team.

    Take the Initiative

    It’s not enough that you deliver the bare minimum on your daily job. To get noticed by your boss and secure your position in the company during a lay-off, you really have to take the initiative and do work beyond your job description.

    However, this additional work shouldn’t also just be any work—it has to be work that matters or a task that will get you noticed. For example, try to see if you can be assigned to a high-profile project where you think you can contribute your skills; or be the host on your company event where senior executives will notice and know your name if you do a good job.

    Make Your Boss’ Priorities Your Priorities

    If you are not yet in that position where you get to choose tasks or high-profile projects, you can still make yourself indispensable by making sure that you complete tasks that are in line with your boss’ or department’s goals.

    Why is this important? If you are able to accomplish the important things that make your boss’ or department’s work easier, you may expect recognition in your next performance evaluation. If your boss sees you as a valuable contributor to the efficiency of his team, you will likely be considered to remain in your position or even be recommended for a promotion or raise.

    In Closing

    By going the extra mile and doing these things to help you become indispensable at your workplace, you’re not only working towards securing your current position, but also pushing yourself to grow as a person and thrive in a very competitive job market.

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