5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Career In Technology


    The world is becoming increasingly digital, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Technology has become a key part of our lives – from smart phones to mobile apps to wearable technology, we rely on so many digital devices and computer software to live, work, and interact with other people.

    Looking forward, technology is expected to impact all aspects of our lives and business. At the pace we’re going, there won’t be a sector of the modern economy that won’t be touched by technology. But what does all this mean for you? Well, perhaps it’s time to consider a job in the Information Technology (IT) world!

    Need more convincing? Here are five more awesome reasons why you should consider joining the tech industry:

    1. Technology Is A Growth Industry

    Digital technology is a growing industry. Every day, new tech products and services inundate our lives and more big investors are coming in to bet their top dollars on this industry.

    With this influx of investments, more businesses and work opportunities are created, therefore making the IT industry a rising tide that lifts all boats. Many other sectors benefit from tech’s developments and innovations, which ultimately uplifts people’s lives. If you want to have a meaningful career that presents lots of avenues for future professional growth and development, you should definitely be looking into a job in IT.

    2. There’s Never A Boring Day

    When you work with technology, you work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. It is a field founded on constant innovation and discovery so it’s highly likely that you will have a lot of opportunities to show your creativity and critical thinking. This is especially if you are dealing with situations where you need to think of different approaches to solve a design concern, programming bug, or make improvements and updates to various tech systems for businesses and consumers.

    IT is also a field that demands so much from its people. Every day there will be challenges at the workplace – things to fix, research about, develop, and improve – and you will need to hone your multi-tasking abilities in order to keep up with the job.

    Boring days would be in short supply because most of the time you’ll also need to work together with a team in specific projects. Whether you are working as a tech support specialist, a network administrator, mobile application developer, web designer, or IT consultant, your usual day will never really be usual.

    3. Being In Tech Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be A Software Developer

    Don’t know the difference between PHP and Python? You don’t have to be a computer science whizz in order to get your foot into the IT world.

    Though a good knowledge of digital technology helps, there are many roles to fill in the tech industry that don’t require coding knowledge such as sales, marketing, tech support, product design, copywriting, community management, product management and business development. These are just some of the positions you can target. After all, no matter how techie a company or start-up is, they would always need people to do non-technical tasks as well.

    4) There’s A High Demand For Talent (Which Means Better Pay)

    As Singapore pushes its master plan to become the World’s first Smart Nation, thousands of vacancies in Information Technology also need to be filled. According to the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), the Republic will face an estimated shortfall of 30,000 IT professionals by 2017.

    Consequently, this high demand has pushed up tech salaries across the board. In fact, this year’s highest paying jobs in Singapore can be found in the technology sector. Top IT heads can rake in salaries between S$13,000 and S$24,000, while programme managers can demand S$11,000 and S$14,480 a month based on the 2016 Singapore salary guide.

    Pro Tip: Wondering how you can start negotiate higher pay as well? Here’s more about how to ask a raise (and get it).

    5) Technology Is Becoming A Critical Part of Many Industries

    Working in tech doesn’t mean you only end up in a technology company. With many industries undergoing digital transformation, those with skills and experience in tech will have more career pathways to choose from. You can merge your specialisation in one field with an area in IT.

    For example, the fields of mass communication, manufacturing, medicine, hospitality, agriculture, banking, entertainment, fashion, and virtually every other industry you can think of incorporates and relies on innovations in technology in conducting their daily business operations.

    Even the products and services we use daily have been tied to technology. We use apps and websites to research and decide about the best places to eat, what time to see a movie, which concerts to go to, where to find a doctor and other important services.

    As such, upgrading your core skills with some tech know-how will definitely increase your professional market value, open doors to different career options and help you become an even more important asset to a company.

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