Here Are 5 Myths That Are Holding You Back From Success In The Workplace

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    You may have started your career with fervor especially when you got a foothold in the industry or profession you want. You were certain that with hard work and perseverance, you would be going through leaps and bounds with your professional growth. You expected accolades and fulfillment to naturally follow, but somehow they never did. Instead of catapulting to success, you seem to be stuck, running out of gas.

    Before you take your frustrations out on your boss, the company, or start blaming your colleagues for being in the dire situation you’re in, it’s time to take a good look at these 5 myths that could be the difference between soaring high or stalling in your workplace:

    1. I need to be multitasking to prove my value.

    Everybody seems to be multitasking these days considering all the different tasks we need to do and all the information coming our way non-stop. You might think you’re good at multitasking and that you need to do it because that’s the only way your boss will see your importance and contributions to the company.

    However, you’re actually setting yourself up for failure when you multitask. Scientific studies show we aren’t built for multitasking. There is a mental cost to constantly switching between tasks. Our brains are only able to store five to nine things at once in our short-term memory. When you try to do several things at the same time, all requiring some level of attention and consideration, multitasking fails. You do not retain the information you need in order to accomplish the work properly, thus the quality of your output suffers. In other words when you’re multitasking, instead of doing one thing properly, you’re doing more things badly.

    If you really want to prove your value in the workplace, focus on finishing one task at a time. When you’re focused, you’ll do a better job and find that you also become more efficient at accomplishing things.

    2. People will see me as a team player if I say yes to every request.

    If you often help colleagues or cover for them, more favours and considerations might come your way since people see you as a team player. But saying yes, too many times to every request, job, or even night out at bars may actually cost you your personal and professional success. That’s because the more you say yes to people, the more your time gets divided. You eventually don’t have enough time to do the things you should really be doing and as a result, your productivity goes down. If you also keep saying yes to work you don’t want to do, you’re actually saying no to the things you really want to accomplish in life.

    Next time you’re confronted with this choice, it’s important to decide which are important tasks and which are frivolous requests before you commit to any of them.

    3. Staying back after office hours will make me seem hardworking.

    Amidst a highly competitive job market, some employees have opted to stay after office hours to show employers that they are dedicated. But on the flipside, if you often do overtime, you might actually put your career on a bad light since this may give the impression that you are behind your tasks and you’re staying late in order to catch up with everybody else.

    Our advice, don’t overdo it. It’s better to complete work on time and go back the next day with a fresh mind and body to continue your work. Don’t stress yourself working long hours. Results are what matters and a well-rested worker is generally a more productive one. Impress your boss with quality, not quantity!

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    4. Everyone expects me to have all the answers.

    There are people who would rather stroll around like headless chickens in the office rather than swallowing their pride and asking other colleagues for help with a task or project. If you are one of them, it’s time to acknowledge that you can’t have all the answers.

    To grow professionally, you have to be humble enough to ask questions and know when it’s time to ask for help. This is one sure way that you’ll constantly learn new skills and different approaches to solving work-related issues.

    5. I just need to do my job to get noticed.

    With all the hard work that you put in, do you still sometimes feel that your work is invisible and that promotion has long been overdue? While getting things done is important, you should subtly make sure that your work is noticed by the people who matter. After all, they’re the ones who will consider you for new projects, promotions, a salary raise, and awards.

    So how do you get to know the people that matter in the company? One way to do this is to get involved with other activities aside your regular work such as company volunteer projects or projects with other departments. Even hosting your company event can help you have a face amongst hundreds—if not thousands—of employees in the office.

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