5 Habits You Need to Develop to Increase Productivity in the Workplace


    In today’s highly modern, technology-swarmed workplace, we have so many gadgets and online tools at our disposal, which are supposed to help us organize our days and make us more efficient at what we do. However, many people still find it hard to accomplish tasks and increase their productivity.

    So why are we still struggling at getting things done or achieving our set goals for the day? Don’t blame your tablet, planner, or any other electronic device you use for scheduling your work. Even if you have a perfectly updated to-do list, a task calendar, or the latest apps for time management, your productivity-ruining habits are probably the problem.

    More than having the right tools, productivity is more about developing and practicing certain habits that lead you to getting the most out of your days. Instead of being obsessed with what’s written on your organizers or schedulers, you should try changing your routine or work style.

    Try forming these 5 habits today and see your productivity rise!

    1. Habit of Starting the Day Calmly

    Starting your workday on the wrong foot is a big productivity killer. The stress and chaos that ensue after coming in late at the office, facing an angry boss, and trying to catch up with your colleagues will ruin your entire output for the day. If you begin your day scattered, you might find it harder to concentrate on tasks and the quality of your work may also suffer.

    If you develop the habit of starting the day calmly, you can also smoothly ease into your work for the day. Waking up early, taking time to have a good breakfast, reading the news, or trying to get some exercise can ensure that your mind and body are prepared and properly fueled up for a busy day. Also, when you feel good, you are less likely to procrastinate. Like we said in our post on the Importance of Emotional Wellbeing in the Office, a happy worker is a productive worker.

    2. Habit of Preparing in the Evening

    In order to secure a good start in the morning, you should develop the habit of preparing for work in the evening. Why? Because the first thing you do in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day and can even have a major effect on your productivity level. So it’s very important that you already reflect on and visualize the important things and activities you need to get done the next morning the night before.

    In the evening, take a few minutes to review information, make your notes for an important meeting, write down your to-do list for the next day, etc. All these small preparations can help you be more organized mentally and make a big difference on how you accomplish things the next day.

    3. Habit of Working in Focused Bursts

    In this very competitive digital age, staying focused has become harder than doing our actual work. Not only are we faced with so many distractions at the office, but also the modern employee has developed a penchant for multitasking, thinking that doing many things at the same time is equal to being productive.

    To increase your productivity, it’s better to adapt a work style where you work in focused bursts for 50 minutes or so and then take mini-breaks to refresh your brain and recharge for greater efficiency. Science has also proven that our brains are not meant for multitasking especially if the task requires some considerable thought and detailed planning. So focus on one task and do it right before moving to a new one.

    4. Habit of Taking Breaks

    Connected to working in focused bursts, you should also develop the habit of taking mini-breaks. Productivity doesn’t mean you should work non-stop. In fact, by continuously working like a robot, you become less productive. As science says on this article by Fast Company, focusing so hard on one thing for a long period isn’t something we are good at.

    So remember, stop and smell the coffee in between your focused work periods. Also, use this ‘scheduled interruptions’ wisely by staying away from your computer and taking time-off from your electronic devices and social media accounts. Go for a snack, walk, or meditation instead. This way, you really give your brain time to detox.

    5. Habit of Prioritizing

    You probably think you know all about prioritizing since you do have a To-do list. However, to ensure better productivity, you should also cut your to-do list to the really important items. Choose about 3 things or tasks that need your attention and schedule them in the morning, targeting to finish them before lunch. By scheduling it this way, you get to work on the most challenging tasks while your brain is still fresh in the morning. The rest of your to-do list items can be scheduled in the afternoon and arranged according to their level of importance.

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