12 Techniques That Make Your Job Search Less Stressful


    Whether one is a fresh university graduate or a seasoned professional seeking to further his or her career, both face the challenges of today’s job market as they go out in search of the best job opportunities.

    Jobseekers must possess a positive attitude, strategic thinking, stamina and perseverance in order to survive and succeed in the job hunt.

    One has to face today’s realities like stiff competition, lack of employer feedback, financial constraints, delayed hiring decisions or prolonged processing of employment requirements which can test one’s character and skills.

    With the proper approach, jobseekers can hurdle these challenges and gain that desired employment with a company that offers a promising career path and an attractive compensation package.

    Find out how these twelve techniques can increase your chances of success in your job search.

    1) Set realistic goals and manage time well.

    Break down your long-term plans into smaller, achievable goals. Set aside predetermined hours per day and week dedicated specifically for your job search.

    2) Identify and manage stress.

    What things cause you stress? Steer clear of people, thoughts and circumstances that are sources of negative energy (e.g. cynics, unpleasant memories, self-doubt, negative news).

    3) Develop new skills and knowledge.

    Use your free time not only for job search activities but also to learn new skills or acquire new knowledge. Take online courses, attend training seminars or enroll in post-graduate programs.

    4) Take breaks and reward yourself.

    Walk away from your job hunt in order to refresh your mind, restore your energy and renew your creative thinking. Watch a movie, read a book, listen to music or get a massage.

    5) Nurture your health and wellness.

    Find time to exercise, get adequate sleep and eat healthy. Go to your doctor for regular medical check-ups.

    6) Surround yourself with a support team.

    Seek the company and advice of family, friends and trusted mentors. You will need them especially during the toughest periods of the job search process.

    7) Apply ‘constructive daydreaming.’

    Daydreaming activates one’s creativity. It can be constructive because it can generate strategic ideas especially when one is doing light activities like knitting, gardening or walking.

    8) Use positive self-talk.

    Talk to yourself using the second person and phrase statements in the affirmative. Instead of just saying, ‘I will not lose my composure,’ tell yourself, ‘(Your name), you are going to impress the employer!’

    9) Follow-up after the interview.

    It is crucial to let the employer know that you desire timely feedback after the job interview. Set a date and time when you plan to call them back.

    10) Don’t take rejection personally.

    Always tell yourself that rejected job applications simply mean that you were not the right fit for the job vacancies at that particular time. This will give you the mental tenacity to keep moving forward with your plans.

    11) Observe the 4Ps: Persistence, Patience, Positivity and Perspective.

    As one goes throughout the job search, here are 4 traits that can help you survive the rigors of the job hunt.

    Always keeping a positive attitude keeps you afloat during those times when the outcomes are not very encouraging. Learning to be your own cheerleader will give you that much needed boost in order to make it through the day.

    Persistence keeps you in the ‘thick of the fight.’ It helps you stick to your game plan despite the seemingly daunting odds (e.g. intimidating interviewer, talented competition). One never stops until the goal is in sight.

    Patience teaches you how to pace yourself. One learns that taking breaks is equally important as launching into a frenzy of job hunting activities. The jobseeker understands that finding the ideal job takes time.

    When one keeps things in their proper perspective, he or she does now allow unfortunate events to obscure the bigger picture. The jobseeker knows that bad decisions are only temporary setbacks in the grander scheme of things.

    12) Be open to other career possibilities.

    A job at a start-up firm could bring you closer to your career dream rather than employment in a large multinational company. Or finding work in non-profit organizations or social services could gain you that pivotal experience which you can bring with you in your future employment.

    Singapore’s economy has shown signs of recovery this 2017. As the Tiger economy continues to gain momentum, the country’s employer market has also reflected strong hiring in the last quarter of 2017. This bodes well for jobseekers as the country’s employment outlook is expected to continue on an upward trend at the onset of 2018.

    By equipping one’s self with these practical job search tips, one can survive the highs and lows of the job hunt and capitalize on employment opportunities that are expected to emerge with the resurgence of the Tiger economy.

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