10 Traits To Develop To Make You Worthy Of A Promotion


    Every lofty career goal begins with an action plan. Whether one is a fresh graduate or in the midstream of one’s professional life, the importance of planning for one’s career advancement can never be emphasised enough.

    As the saying goes, ‘one who fails to plan, plans to fail.’ Indeed, no individual can leave his or her career development to chance. And equally critical is the manner with which one executes such career plans over a specific period of time.

    Among the various career goals of any professional is to aspire for a job promotion. What skills and qualities would you need today in order to move up the career ladder?

    Find out how these ten traits can position you for that much desired job promotion.

    Essential Traits That Can Merit Your Promotion

    1) Exhibit a positive attitude

    Positive employees try more things and take well informed risks simply because they focus on the favorable outcome that can result from their efforts.

    2) Be a self-starter and go the extra mile

    Successful employees work hard and willingly take on more initiatives without seeking  anything in return. When they’ve completed their tasks for the day, they find ways to do extra things in the office like joining the disaster preparedness committee or learning the latest task management application. In time, their careers flourish because their efforts help them become better individuals and provide greater value to the business.

    3) Learn to adjust to changing circumstances and plans

    Thriving companies favour highly adaptable  employees who welcome new challenges in a constantly changing business landscape. These flexible employees tend to advance more quickly in their careers.

    4) Learn how to be a reliable team player

    The ability to work selflessly and support fellow team members in achieving the group’s objectives is a key criteria when selecting candidates for promotion. When it is proven to the team members that you are reliable and can deliver your commitments in a timely fashion and with the highest standards of quality. This builds and reinforces trust amongst all team members.

    5) Support your superior’s decisions and make them look good

    Put the interests and initiatives of your superior ahead of personal career ambitions. Volunteer to take on some of the superior’s tasks so he or she has time to attend to the more important issues facing the team. Show the boss that you are 100% behind him or her and they will have your best interest in mind.

    6) Know how to prioritise and execute tasks well

    Effective employees discern which tasks have more weight over others. They understand which activities directly impact the core business of the company. Further, they sharpen their skills so they can contribute more significantly to the organisation. Their passion for their job motivates their colleagues with a greater sense of value and contribution, and binds them together. These types of employees are potential candidates for leadership positions.

    7) Share your career milestones and achievements

    Critical to landing that promotion is the habit of celebrating and sharing your achievements. Schedule a periodic review with your manager and share your accomplishments so that your success can be measured and monitored.

    8) Display creative thinking and resourcefulness

    Among the qualities that superiors look for in employees is the ability to come up with creative ideas and alternative solutions for issues or problems in the workplace.

    It may be a witty concept for a marketing campaign, a new operations workflow or a recommendation for a new vendor.

    9) Gain a broader understanding of the business and the impact of your role.

    Aside from technical expertise and people skills, exemplary employees possess a holistic understanding of the business. They have the ability to see the broader picture and how their actions impact the company and its customers. In every decision, they take into consideration the greater goals and mission of the company.

    10) Keep abreast of industry knowledge, skills and trends.

    An employee who seeks to acquire new skills, increases one’s technical expertise and remains updated on industry trends to increase the value he/she can provide for him/herself and to the organisation. Such an employee is definitely on the right track to being considered for a promotion.

    The plans that you make, the habits that you develop and the little decisions that you carry out everyday will ultimately determine your chances for a job promotion. Learning and integrating these ten traits into your everyday work life can be the key that will open the door of opportunities to your much desired job promotion.

    Among the critical factors that can greatly determine your professional growth and job promotion is the desire to embark on a continuing education program.

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