10 In-Demand Jobs In Singapore And How To Get Them


    Singapore’s job market closed 2018 with a positive hiring forecast for the next year as employers across all sectors remained optimistic about business prospects and their expansion plans thanks to the country’s steady economic growth.

    More companies are hiring in IT and other digital functions as they undergo digital transformation but there was an overall positive hiring outlook for other key sectors including Finance, Real Estate, Insurance, Manufacturing, Mining and Construction, Public Administration & Education, Services, Transportation & Utilities, and Wholesale & Retail Trade.

    If you are currently seeking employment, check out the 10 most in-demand jobs in Singapore.

    1. Data Analysts

    Data analysts gather data such as sales reports, market statistics or operational costs, to name a few, and analyse the data points to spot trends and glean insights to help businesses make sound decisions.

    1. Financial Analysts

    The role of a financial analyst is critical to a company’s future. Financial analysts give advice for individual and business investment decisions (e.g. stocks, bonds, portfolio), evaluate current and historical financial data, study economic and business trends and look into a company’s financial statements to determine the financial position of an enterprise. They also design financial models for a company based on current microeconomic and macroeconomic conditions.

    1. Healthcare Workers

    According to the 2017 United Nations World Population Ageing Report, 40.1% of Singapore’s population will be over 60 years old by 2050. The Ministry of Health has projected that Singapore will need 30,000 additional health workers by 2020.

    1. Infocomm Professionals

    Infocomm professionals develop, distribute, implement, support, operate, sell and market telecommunication equipment, computer hardware and software, IT services and multimedia contents. By 2020, 16,000 more jobs are expected to be created in Singapore’s infocomm and media sector.

    1. Cybersecurity Specialists

    Cybersecurity professionals are hired to protect sensitive information stored in platforms such as computer networks, cloud servers, mobile devices and payment software. They analyse potential risks (e.g. virus, hackers, malware, phishing) and develop strategies to prevent such breaches. As companies continue to transform digitally, the role of cybersecurity specialists will become increasingly critical in addressing the threat of cybercrimes.

    1. Digital Marketing Professionals

    The key role of a digital marketing specialist is to increase brand awareness of a company’s products and services online. They develop, implement, and manage marketing campaigns using a variety of channels including e-mail marketing, social media and search engines to drive traffic and purchases on a company’s website. They also assess new digital technologies and use web analytics tools to optimise marketing campaigns.

    1. Hotel Operations Professionals

    As tourist arrivals continue to increase in Singapore, so does the demand for hotel accommodation and job opportunities for hotel operations professionals. Among in-demand jobs include guest relations manager, events manager, front-of-house manager, executive conference manager, catering manager and group sales manager.

    1. Engineers

    Every year, Singapore needs approximately 1,000 more engineers to help achieve its vision of a Smart Nation. The Singapore government has provided incentives such as higher salaries for engineers in order to attract the best talent. Building services, rails, electromechanical and software engineers are in high demand.

    1. Medical Research Scientists

    New strains of viruses and types of diseases are ever evolving while Singapore’s ageing population continues to increase. There will be a greater need for medical research scientists to find and develop new pharmaceutical products and processes that will address these two realities. Research associates for drug discovery and manufacturing biotechnologists are two types of medical research scientists.

    1. Wholesale Trade Workers

    The trading of goods between businesses is the primary responsibility of wholesale trade professionals. Among the goods being traded are agricultural materials, household goods, fuels and chemicals, general merchandise, machinery and equipment, transport equipment, metals and minerals. By 2020, 10,000 new jobs are expected to be created in this sector.

    Interested in the list of in-demand jobs in Singapore and you wish to better your chances to be hired? Aside from having the relevant degree and competencies, here are a few more tips we can offer:

    Do Your Research

    This includes finding out more about the company and the position you are applying for. This is important not just for you to know if the job suits your current skill sets and experiences, but also to ace your job interview if you do get called for one. Read more about 20 Common Job Interview Questions (and How You Can Answer Them).

    Consider Upskilling

    Beyond building your confidence as a professional by acquiring new skills, upskilling matters if you want to stay relevant in the future job market or want to shift your career and get skills necessary to qualify for those in-demand jobs.

    SkillsFuture is a national movement that provides opportunities for all Singaporeans to develop to their fullest potential at different stages of their lives. Regardless of your starting point, you can realise your goals and aspirations through a holistic system of education and training.

    Get your upskilling started by applying for a Kaplan Diploma using your SkillsFuture Credit.

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